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Here’s How it Works!
Gear up for the ultimate thrill ride as the IPL season kicks off! Get in on the action with our exclusive Bet and Get Promotion on each match day!

Predict the match winners to score big! Enjoy a R200 Bonus Bet each day with every Match Result bet placed of R1,000 or more.

Don't miss out on the excitement – join the game today and make every match a win with our IPL Bet and Get promotion!
Terms and Conditions:
Place a bet of at least R1,000 on an IPL match to receive a bonus bet worth R200 ("Bonus Bet").
  1. This promotion ("Promotion") is available to use once per customer per Qualifying IPL Matchday between the dates of 22 March 2024 and 26 May 2024.
  2. To qualify for the Bonus Bet, users must stake a minimum of R1,000 on the Match Winner of a single Qualifying IPL Match ("Qualifying Bet") at minimum odds of 1.25.
  3. A Qualifying IPL Match is defined as a match that takes place on the same day that the bet is placed, and results before 23.59 on the same day that the bet is placed.
  4. A Qualifying Bet can be made up of any single bets on any Qualifying IPL Match.
  5. Invalid or cancelled bets, bets settled as Void / Draw, cashed out bets and bets made with a Bonus Bet do not count as a Qualifying Bet.
  6. The Bonus Bet given can only be used on Sportsbook.
  7. The Bonus Bet can only be used as a single bet.
  8. The Bonus Bet will expire if it is not used within 24 hours of it being awarded.
  9. The amount of any winnings made from a Bonus Bet will be reflected in the cash balance.
  10. All Promotion and Bonus Terms and General Terms and Conditions also apply.
  11. This Promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion. It cannot be used as a qualification requirement for other promotions.
  12. SuperSportBet reserves the right to suspend players from participating in the Promotion due to fraudulent activity.
  13. Any breach of these terms and/or any misuse or abuse of this Promotion shall be handled at the discretion of SuperSportBet, and the user’s entitlement awarded under the promotion may be voided.
    Every player participating in this Promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the SuperSportBet Terms and Conditions and Promotion and Bonus Terms by virtue of participation.
  14. SuperSportBet reserves the right to alter, cancel, revoke, or refuse any bonus/promotion as per its discretion. If any misuse of the bonus/promotion is uncovered during an investigation, the bonus/promotion will be forfeited. SuperSportBet’s management decision is final, and no further discussions will be entered into on this matter.